Affiliate Marketing

Our main business is within affiliate marketing where we generate thousands of leads to customers every month ! With database all over the world we can help you get closer to your customers where ever they might be ! Do you have data ? then contact us and we can monetize it and offer you a great deal and you can turn your data into big profits !

Outsourcing & development

We offer great outsourcing and development solutions through our development team placed in Slovakia and Ukraine. All your demands and needs can be met by our development team. Looking for a complete team to take care of all your programming – No worries ! we can supply dedicated team infrastructure that can develop and maintain all your solutions. Just looking for some day to day IT help or service – No worries ! we have inhouse developers that can help with small or big projects for all your needs.


Looking for a reliable and professional hosting partner ? Search no more ! with data centers i 5 different locations and building up more and more locations world wide we can provide a solution for everything you want to get hosted.

Our data centers are located in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Dubia and Slovakia.

Email Servers

From our main business and to our hosting solutions we can offer you the perfect setup and knowledge for hosting and sending out emails in mass numbers.

Casino Promotion

Online gaming and betting is a major industri and business and MBC is a big part of this market, where we promote and advertise for our casino partners in direct mail and SMS.

Looking for online promotion of your casino –  contact us if your interested !


Want anything else ? contact us ! we can deliver most services within the IT business.